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- November 19, 2020

Good Dee's Low Carb Sugar Free Gluten Free Baking Mix

Good Dee's company was started shortly after the owner gave birth to her child. Diabetes ran in her family and she didn't want it to run hers. She started a ketogenic lifestyle and with her products, she focuses on avoiding sweeteners like maltitol and low carb flours like soy flour. 

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- November 19, 2020

Farm Girl Low Carb Flours, 100% Non-GMO & Keto-Friendly products

Farm Girl is a company from Missisauga, Ontario, Canada. They specialize in low carb flours, granolas/cereals, porridge, pancake mix, and nut mix. With their low carb flours, you can experiment in the kitchen by making pasta, bread, pizza, and cakes and did I mention their products are all LOW CARB/KETO! smiley

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